Board of Directors

Mary Margaret Revell Goodwin
President & CEO

Doris Pullman
Ellen Norman
Mary Walker
JoAnn Retallack
Miles Retallack
Tori T. Norton
Gordon Wallace - Kent County
Doncella Wilson - Caroline Country
Janet MacLaughlin

We are a two and a half year old non-profit. We are expanding our Board as we seek to lay out a 2-year, 5-year, and 10-year plan. We began our museum efforts by taking a lease of a historic property on Queen Anne’s County grounds that needed major restoration. This required significant construction effort without providing the opportunity for the museum we intended. We felt we had no choice but to leave that property.

We were almost immediately offered another property that presented the opportunities to be open as soon as we could provide for the ADA welcome such a museum would require. We are instituting those efforts now. In the meantime, we are to putting our exhibits online while the Covid-19 requirements prevent public attendance and receptions.