Never more than now, every institution needs to take a look at where it is going, how it will get there, what needs to be done to prepare for its long term existence. The Maryland Museum of Women's History is beginning to find its bearings in Maryland's Community, not only the non-profit world, but also stretching and reaching every Maryland household. To that end we have set goals for:

A Two Year Plan

Where we want to be with all the important "immediates"--all the items that allow us to fully use everything available to us to completely open to all the public. Every ADA aid that makes life equal for so many for whom so much is not possible.

A Five Year Plan

What we expect in growth potential and how that directs our approach to being able to present exhibits, issues, events while at the same time getting a start on sustaining the underpinnings for a solid future well into this new century. We hope to present in this plan details to offer a significant visitor experience that has the hope to meet some of the unforeseen setbacks such as those we have experienced in 2020 when we thought this "was going to be all about the "Year of the Woman" and instead it has turned out to be the "Year of Us! Coping With A Major Disruption to All Our Lives".

A Ten Year Plan

How we need to plan for well into the future so that we meet the expectations of our public and ourselves again in terms of growth, keeping up with issues and those most worthy of being profiled in exhibits. We will also plan for how our Museum Campus is able to offer the best possible visitation experience well into the future.

In each instance, we invite and offer the public the opportunity to present views and ideas and wishes. We will listen to all thoughts and offerings. We want our public involved with us as we move forward. There will be a specific contact form in this section so that you may begin suggestions as soon as possible.

Plan Feedback
Please be specific for each of the three plans.